The Toro Designation of Origin has a Regulatory Board that enforces the standards established in the Regulations, which guarantee the quality of the product (Order of 29 May 1987 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), although in a decree under the Second Republic, in 1932, Toro was already recognised as a Designation of Origin. This Board guarantees the quality of more than 50 protected wineries, authorising the production of white, rosé and red wines, the latter under the categories of ‘joven’, ‘joven roble’, ‘crianza’, ‘reserva’ and ‘gran reserva’.

It also encourages the planting of the native grape variety, establishes the planting density and maximum production and ensures that the appropriate standards and techniques are followed in wine production, thus guaranteeing the quality of the wines.

Another of its functions is the defence of the region’s reputation and the promotion of protected wines in the domestic and global markets.