Características vinos Toro

Vinos Denominacion de Origen Toro

Commitment to quality implies fulfilment of strict current standards which are set forth by the Regulations which govern the Toro Designation of Origin. These regulations apply the entire process with specific norms that begin with the implantation of the vineyard and its associated cultural practices and ends with the commercialisation of the bottled product; detailing, in each case, the qualification standards of the product, the labelling, the harvesting, the production and the shipment of the product, etc., which together guarantee the origin and certification of the product.

The red wines are made mainly with the Tinta de Toro variety, always in search of the required degree of maturity to obtain wines in which the balance of their components is reflected in the notable quality of the wines.

The destemmed grape is placed in vats, where it ferments with the skins for a time that depends on the type of wine that is being made. In this way, young wines are left in the vat for shorter periods and the wines that are to be aged in oak Bordeaux barrels are macerated for longer periods, thus obtaining an extraction that is tamed in the barrel with the passing of time, and reinforcing the longevity of the wines.

Given the area's exceptional climactic conditions, the Tinta de Toro variety ripens early. This enables the wineries to also make wines using the carbonic maceration system (barrelling of entire racemes). These fragrant, fresh and aromatic wines are commercialised from the month of November of the same year in which the grapes are harvested.