Misión Consejo regulador

Sede D.O. Toro

The Toro Designation of origin has a regulating Body which attends the standards set forth in the Regulations, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product (Order 29 of May 1987 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food). This Body guarantees the quality of more than thirty wineries, authorising the making of white, rosé and red wines, with the latter using the terms of “joven”, “crianza”, “reserva” and “gran reserva”.

It also foments the plantation of the autochthonous variety, establishes the density of the plantation, maximum production, and ensures that the winemaking process adheres to appropriate standards and techniques, thus guaranteeing the quality of the wines.

Other of its tasks is to defend the good name of its wines and the promotion of them all around the world.