The contest "Tempranillos to the World" grants two golds to Garanza and Rejadorada.

The contest has been celebrated in Copenhagen from the 5 to the 7 of February.The Firstt Traveling International Contest of Wines "Tempranillos to the World" has granted two gold medals to two wines of the Denomination of Origin Toro. One of the awards went to Rejadorada Crianza 2001 elaborated by Rejadorada Cellar, whereas the second medal has been granted to Cyan 2001 of Cellar Viñedos Garanza.
This contest, celebrated in Copenhagen (Denmark) days 5 to the 7 of February, has been organized by, first time, by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Enologs. In this sense, it is necessary to indicate that in him those cellars participate that use for the elaboration of their wines variety tempranillo, within which is the Tinta de Toro.
On the other hand, it is possible to stand out that the awarded wine of Rejadorada, Crianza 2001, throughout last year 2004, has harvested other two awards. It also obtained the Baco de Plata and, on the other hand, the Silver medal in the International Contest celebrated in Brussels; both are raised as two of most prestigious contests of the sector with recognition at international level.