EL MUNDO´S WINES OF THE YEAR 2004 – Red from Toro, white from Rueda and a cava from Valencia

EL MUNDO´s ‘wines of the year’, those non chrematistic rewards some attributed by our newspaper and for elmundovino.com from 1994, they reward in 2004, as always, to a red, a white and another Spanish wine arrived at the market during this year. They already arrive the wines of you add them difficult that they have continued to the splendid of 2001, and in that context they have particuolar merit the class and the balance of Numanthia 2002 and of Náiades 2003, two wines of the adjacent denominations Toro and Rueda. As for the third from the year, it is a cava with coming from an area very mentioned by reasons extravinícolas, that of the mark of Utiel Requena. But the Domain De la Vega Brut Reserves Special 2001 don’t arrive here for political opportunism .los boicots they are stupid, and enter our mentions of honor they are plentiful the Catalan wines as always – but for own merits.

It has been a true prowess the one that in the cool air and humid 2002 Marcos has achieved Eguren with his Numanthia, the Spanish wine with higher note of those tasted this year by elmundovino.com, full with elegance, complete and beyond the stereotypes on the power of Toro.

On the other hand, the hot one 2003 have not been obstacle so that Vineyard Sila, Victor Rodríguez’s initiative, Javier Alén and Jorge Ordóñez in Rueda, obtains some thousands of bottles of a verdejo fermented in cask in which you grieve if it appears the wood like it is Náiades (name definitive after the ‘Naia Gives’ initial), pure coolness and velvet.

As for another young cellar (as the other ones two winning), Domain De la Vega, of San Antonio, next to Requena, ‘division’ of a classic great cellar of the area after the change of property of this, it takes three years taking out cava of a nimbleness and an unexpected fragrance, in particular its ‘millésimé, many times already rewarded that it is a macabeo (75%) assembling and chardonnay.

It is the first time since we attribute these prizes that oneself came he/she repeats reward in EL MUNDO: already in 2000 it was rewarded as red of the year Numanthia 1998. On the other hand, for second serial year a Valencian product arrives, after the success of Quincha Corral 2001 of Mustiguillo in 2003.

These prizes are not necessarily attributed to the ‘better wine of the year’ in absolute sense, but they can also reward the personality, the innovation or the relationship quality-price.

Source: EL MUNDO